Analytics for Librarians & Medical Leaders

Better Insights into the Educational Needs of your Healthcare & Scientist Audience

The Read Institutional Edition offers detailed analytics on digital content usage data. Easily see which titles impact clinical care with reports sorted by profession and specialty.

Want to know what oncology nurses are reading?  We can tell you.

Need to better understand which expensive resources aren’t being utilized your physicians?  Our beautiful interface gives answer instantly.

Read Institutional Edition Analytics
Read Institutional Edition - Detailed Analytics

Using our analytics platform, we can help you

  • identify journals being poorly utilized
  • identify journals which are frequently inaccessible but of high interest
  • determine the specific interests of your clinical and scientific audience
  • access our database to compare your content usage with our global audience

We arm you with detailed analytics that can be helfpul when negotiating with publishers and local departments.

Launch Promoted Research Campaigns


Promoted Research‘ campaigns get your clinical audience reading the results of research which support your local quality improvement initiatives.

Our portal allows you to easily launch and analyze results of your ‘Promoted Research‘ campaigns.