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Surviving Sepsis Campaign - Read by QxMD

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150 Lives in 150 Days

QxMD was thrilled to partner with the BC Sepsis Network and the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council to disseminate evidence and guidelines that support evidence-based care in patients with sepsis.  The results of the campaign were spectacular and we were excited to see ‘Read’ used to drive knowledge translation in clinical practice.


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Treating Lipids in Chronic Kidney Disease

High quality RCT data supports the value of treating lipids in many patients with chronic kidney disease and KDIGO (Kidney Disease | Improving Global Outcomes) developed guidelines that reflected this.

Their challenge?  Raising awareness of the guidelines among their target clinical audience.

The solution?  Using QxMD’s ‘Promoted Research’ to quickly reach thousands among a highly targeted clinical audience.

“We used the Read platform to disseminate our international guideline on lipid management in chronic kidney disease, targeting relevant readers from primary care, cardiology, endocrinology and nephrology. In 30 days, Read helped us to achieve:

36,833 views of the article title advertising availability of the paper
3585 abstract reads
1994 full paper reads

Read is an excellent way for guideline developers to quickly reach a large but targeted audience of potential users.”

Marcello Tonnelli, MD

Co-Chair, KDIGO guideline on lipid management in CKD, Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta

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