Promote Research through Read

Helps healthcare providers adopt new medical and scientific knowledge into practice

How Does Read Support Quality Improvement?

Disseminating practice-changing research helps healthcare organizations achieve:

Improved Metrics

Support your clinicians in adopting best practices that improve patient care

Exceed National Benchmarks

Drive adoption of the research that helps achieve targets

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Achieve better outcomes at lower cost, while avoiding penalties

Promoted Research in Action (Case Studies)

150 Lives in 150 Days

QxMD was thrilled to partner with the BC Sepsis Network and the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council to disseminate evidence and guidelines that support evidence-based care in patients with sepsis.  The results of the campaign were spectacular and we were excited to see ‘Read’ used to drive knowledge translation in clinical practice.

Treating Lipids in Chronic Kidney Disease

High quality RCT data supports the value of treating lipids in many patients with chronic kidney disease and KDIGO (Kidney Disease | Improving Global Outcomes) developed guidelines that reflected this.

Their challenge?  Raising awareness of the guidelines among their target clinical audience.

The solution?  Using QxMD’s ‘Promoted Research’ to quickly reach thousands among a highly targeted clinical audience.

Tackling the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid addiction is a serious public health issue, with drug overdose deaths increasingly seen as a tragic cause of preventable death.

The Read platform has been leveraged by a national physician organization to disseminate the research that clearly identifies the role a physician’s prescribing can play in curbing the epidemic.

Creating a campaign to promote research and improve awareness in your healthcare institution is this simple:

Find the exact research papers you need to promote a highly effective campaign.

Search for papers by name or PubMed ID to curate an evidence-based campaign to help drive awareness.

For example:
Let’s promote the research that shows how to reduce the incidence of line sepsis.

Target the right audience by profession

You can be sure your campaign is reaching the right audience by selecting which professionals should be targeted.

For example:
Let’s get impactful research in front of Medical Students and Nurses.

Get even more granular with your target audience by focusing on specific specialities.

This step will really dial in your audience and guarantee your campaigns are landing in front of the right eyes.

For example:
This new research can shift behaviour in the fields of nursing, emergency medicine and critical care to drive practice change.

You’ve identified your audience, now be visible in their search results.

Just like Google, insert Promoted Research ads into their search results by highlighting related terms to your campaign’s goal.

For example:
We also want to make sure that anyone searching for research on sepsis sees the papers we think are most impactful first. Done!

In a matter of minutes, you’ve launched a campaign to your intended audience that can improve outcomes & reduce costs.