Institution Integration

We need to gather a little information so we can integrate your institution with our platform.


Information to gather on your end:

Integrating is very straightforward once you have all the information we need ready. It helps to get everything you need ready before beginning the form below as stopping in the middle for a long period of time may refresh the form.

Here’s what we require from your institution to integrate:

  1. IP Range(s) *required
  2. Proxy/VPN/SSO Information *required — if available
  3. Temporary access to institutional account (username/password) for testing purposes (optional – encrypted portal for submission available on request)
  4. Library Email for InterLibrary loan requests (optional — Gold/Platinum packages only)
  5. Library Holdings Management Information (optional)

Information to gather on your end:

Our preferred file format is CSV or XLS(X). If you have multiple files, please combine them into one .ZIP file. You will have the option to upload your file or provide us with a URL to download it from.


Your holdings file(s) should contain:

Journal Title ISSN eISSN Start Date End Date Vendor URL

You can download a template of this spreadsheet here.


Turnaround and Next Steps

Once we have everything required from you it will be about a week for our tech team to get you all set up. We’ll keep you posted and also send you some helpful resources to help share the Read by QxMD platform with the members of your institution.


Submit Integration Data